Here Comes the Sun!

To Here Comes the Sun!

We are meeting another sea star family member here at camp! We are meeting the sunflowers sea star today! They may not have the crazy arms like a basket star, but they do have more than five!




Sunflower sea star Fun Facts:

  • They have a large central disc.
  • Sunflowers sea stars have can numerous arms. One species has 24 arms.
  • They can reach 3 feet across.
  • They have up to 15,000 tube feet on the bottom of their bodies.
  • Sunflower sea stars can move over 40 inches per minute- a record speed for sea stars.
  • They are voracious predators! They eat snails, clams and sea cucumbers.
  • Sunflower sea stars star out with 5 arms and quickly grow the others.
  • They can shed their arms and grow them back.



Who doesn’t love a sea star? And now there is more to love with the sunflower sea star and all those arms!

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One thought on “Here Comes the Sun!

  1. dangrdafne

    So what would their purpose be? Just curious

    What kind of sea stars did we see at the aquarium?

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