What the Quail?

What the Quail?

We are so excited to meet today’s bird! We have never met a quail before and of course we have to find the ones with the cutest feathers around!


Gambel’s Quail Fun Facts: 

  • Both males and females have the topknot of feathers on their head. Males have a black patch on their bellies.
  • They are about the size of a basketball.
  • Gambel’s quails are ground dwellers. You can see them running around the ground.
  • They live in groups called coveys.
  • They are omnivores. They eat insects as chicks and graduate to mostly plant material as adults.
  • Females chirp to their eggs before they  hatch and the chicks cheep back to her.


These funny little quails can fly, but they mostly run around looking for food! They are so neat to watch in their little family groups.

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One thought on “What the Quail?

  1. dangrdafne

    I adore Quail. They are soooo cute and so funny. They always make me smile.

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