Not a Raccoon, but it looks like one!

Not a Raccoon, but it looks like one!

We are meeting our first animal here in Costa Rica. It is super cute relative of the racoon.                  Today we are meeting the white-nosed coati. These neat little mammals are one of our favorites.



White-nosed coati fun facts: 

  • These coatis are the largest of the coati species. They call Central America & Mexico home.
  • Coatis live in small family groups made up of females and their offspring. Males are solitary.
  • These omnivores eat everything from fruit to insects to seeds.
  • Coatis are mostly diurnal.
  • Coatis are very vocal. They use numerous vocalizations to communicate with each other.
  • They often forage on the ground, but sleep in the trees.
  • Coatis use their ring tails to communicate with each other too.


These intelligent michevious little animal is so fun. We love to watch them run around in th little groups all with their tails up in the air! People think they make good pets, but these wild animals can be very destructive. They have sharp teeth and claws for climbing. Stick with a dog people.

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One thought on “Not a Raccoon, but it looks like one!

  1. dangrdafne

    Very cute

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