We Spy Rosettes!

We Spy Rosettes!

We headed to local treehouse to spot the next animal as it is the largest predator in the area. We thought it best to stay out of it’s way, but wow is it a gorgeous cat! Are you ready to learn who we saw?


Jaguar Fun Facts: 

  • Jaguars are covered in spots called rosettes. These help them blend in with the rainforest.
  • Jaguar rosettes are different than leopard spots. Jaguars have a spot in the middle!
  • They are the largest cat in the Americas, growing up to 7ft long and up to 200 lbs. Wow!
  • They are solitary and territorial.
  • These large cats are more active than other large cats, like lions. They have recently found to be most active as dusk and dawn (crespuscular).
  • They are listed as Near Threatened by the IUCN.


We loved watching this stealthy predator prowl the forest floor. They do spend most of their time on the ground, but the are able climbers.


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One thought on “We Spy Rosettes!

  1. dangrdafne

    So amazing and gorgeous.

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