Greenhouse frog

Greenhouse Frog!

We headed out today away from the beach and in to the forest to find a little frog who is not native to Hawaii but was introduced from Cuba. These little amphibians are not east to find, but we were lucky and discovered a few.



Greenhouse Frog: 

  • These little frogs are only about an inch long.
  • They are carnivores. They eat ants, mites and spiders.
  • They lay their eggs in a membrane casing that the leave under logs or leaves.
  • They pass through their tadpole stage while in their eggs. When they are born they are frogs.
  • Their eyes are red.


These little frogs are so cute! But then again, aren’t they all!

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One thought on “Greenhouse frog

  1. dangrdafne

    “They eat ants, mites and spiders.” I like these frogs!!

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