Puff the Magic Fishy

Puff the Magic Fishy

We are super excited to introduce you to today’s fish! This adorable little creature is called the Dog-Faced Puffer Fish! Are you ready campers?


Dog-Faced Puffer Fish: 

  • These little puffer fish grow to about a foot long.
  • They are also known as the black spotted puffer fish.
  • These crazy fish are not covered in scales, but have smooth skin.
  • These carnivores eat everything from worms to coral.
  • Dog-faced puffer fish are solitary and territorial.
  • They do not have pelvic fins.


We just love these funny looking puffer fish. They can inflate to twice their size when threatened by predators. That may be one of the coolest adaptations ever!

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One thought on “Puff the Magic Fishy

  1. Dangr Dafne

    “They can inflate to twice their size when threatened by predators. ” Maybe I am one of these fish, I just wonder what my predator is that had me gain the weight I have 😉

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