Hello! And welcome to our adventures! We wanted to introduce ourselves again after being gone for a while.  We are a small horse & elephant who love animals, nature and adventure.

Our mission is to introduce you to animals from all over the planet. We hope to inspire you to fall in love with these creatures and their habitats. We all call this planet home and we only get the one, so we hope to help protect it. We are going to cover groups of animals each month with the theme changing. Sometimes the theme will be based on a habitat and other times it will be fun (like creepy crawlies) and other themes will be based on groups (like cetaceans -whales and dolphins). We are introducing maps this year & most information will be given in pictures- like an animals Stats (i.e. what they eat).

We hope you enjoy our new format and please- share our site with your friends & family! We love to make new friends! Also- join in the fun on our social media- Instagram, Facebook & Twitter!


See you tomorrow for the introduction of the theme for November!

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One thought on “Hello!

  1. Dangr Dafne

    Waves like crazy at my favorite Elephant and Horse. ❤

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