A Welcome Back

Hello dear fans and readers,

I wanted to introduce myself. Hi- I’m Stacey. I am the sole writer and runner of Ellie and Edmond. I wanted to share a little more behind the scenes here at HQ. This past summer and fall have been difficult, as my father became ill and passed. As we begin to move forward, I took some time to re-evaluate Ellie and Edmond and the site.

I have a full time job on top of working on art and making jewelry and Ellie & Edmond. Running 3 separate businesses can be overwhelming.  And as much as I love animals and educating others, keeping up with the site had become more of a chore than a joy. This past 3 months has been a good sebatical and a good time to reflect on the goals of the site and for Ellie and Edmond. It has been a good time for me to renew my love for this little horse and elephant.

Starting Nov 12th, we will be back with all new posts, in a whole new format. My hope is share more of Ellie and Edmond’s personality while we educate you about animals and conservation. I hope to jazz up the website around the beginning of the new year too.

Thank you for your patience during our absence. And thank you for your support and love over the years. I have one request, we need to get our name out there more. So please, share your love of E&E on your pages, social media sites and with friends and family.

Thank you,

Stacey, Ellie & Edmond

and everyone at HQs


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2 thoughts on “A Welcome Back

  1. Thank you Stacey. I am so sorry about your Dad. I look forward very much to reading about Ellie and Edmund and all their friends.

    Very Best Wishes


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  2. dangrdafne

    So glad you found a renewed love for this world. I would miss Ellie and Edmond if they went away. I am catching up today and hopefully will be back on top of all your posts by the new year 🙂 All my love.

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