We are meeting one last animal from our coloring book today- the Pink Fairy Armadillo. These crazy looking animals are fascinating and we can’t wait to learn more about them with you!


Pink Fairy Armadillo Fun Facts:

  • They are also known as the pichiciego.
  • These little animals are about 4 1/2 inches long.
  • Their pink shells are only attached by a thin membrane.
  • They call sandy plains their home.
  • Pink fairy armadillos have long digging claws on their front claws. They can bury themselves in the sand in a matter of minutes.
  • These omnivores eat insects and plant materials.
  • They are nocturnal and solitary.
  • Pink fairy armadillos spend most of their time underground. They make a swimming motion in the sand with their long front claws.


These alien looking little armadillos are so cool. We had never heard of them until recently. They call Argentina home.

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