No Flying Here

No Flying Here

We are continuing to meet some animals from our coloring book this week and today that means were learning more about the kiwi! These little flightless birds from New Zealand are icons and quiet fascinating!



Kiwi Fun Facts:

  • Kiwis are related to emus and ostriches.
  • Kiwis and their ancient relatives have been on earth for 30 million years.
  • They do have wings that are about 1 inch long. These wings are useless.
  • Flighted birds have hollow bones to help them fly; but not the kiwi, they have bones full of marrow – like mammals.
  • Kiwis also have claws on the end of each claw.
  • Female kiwis lay the largest egg to their body ratio of any bird on the planet.
  • A female can lay 300 eggs in their lifetime.

Kiwis are so cute and funny looking with their tiny wings, long beak and clawed feet. Can  you imagine a funnier looking bird?

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