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Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday

Today has become known as Giving Tuesday. It is a day to give what you can to charity organizations that support all kinds of issues. We hear at Ellie & Edmond HQs are going to share two conservation organizations that we think are amazing! If you choose to give today, we encourage you to support these two groups.


First Up:


The David Sheldreick Wildlife Foundation

This amazing organization takes in orphan elephants from the wild in Africa and raises them to return to the wild when they are old enough. Ocassionally they take care of orphan giraffes, antelope and rhinos. They have people who go out in to the wild and save adult elephants who have been injured by spears and other means. We can not say enough good things about the work they are doing. You can donate or adopt an orphan!




The Ocean Conservancy 

Our second conservation organization for the day is the Ocean Conservancy. This great group is working with scientists and conservationists all over the planet to protect the earth’s largest habitats and its inhabitants- the oceans. We all are connected to the oceans- even if we live no where near them and without healthy oceans we will not have a healthy planet.



If you choose to donate to one of these great causes or a conservation group of your own- let us know and we will send you an Ellie and Edmond sticker and button. Thanks everyone!

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Printable Valentines!

Printable Valentines!

Our annual printable Valentines are here! Download, cut out, glue to a blank card and give! Don’t forget the glitter! Hehehe!






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It’s World Elephant Day and Ellie is sharing just a few of the reasons elephants are so awesome! She’ll also be sharing some reasons why they need your help!











IMG_1288We lose an elephant to poachers every 15 minutes. That’s 96 elephants every day!




These magnificent creatures are killed for their tusks! Tusks that are used to make trinkets, carvings and jewelry. We must all work to stop this! There are ways you can help!

Educate others! Donate to David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.

Get involved- make your voice heard! Check out 96 elephants to learn more about wildlife crime and how you can help stop it! Together we can protect elephants!

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ellie flower

Today is our dear Ellie’s birthday! We are celebrating her by having a flash fundraiser for one of our favorite organizations- The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. This amazing organization raises orphan elephants and rehabilitates them to go live in the wild. Elephants are being poached at alarming rates and without such amazing organizations like this, we would have less elephants on our planet. To honor Ellie, we’re giving away a sheet of stickers to anyone who donates $10 to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. If you donate $20 we will send you an Ellie and Edmond magnet! You must either tweet us a screen shot of your receipt or you can email us at


Fun Facts about Ellie:

Full name: Eloise Elephant- but we call her Ellie

Hobbies: drawing, playing soccer, writing trivia and traveling

Favorite things: animals, nature, sunshine (I never go out without my mud spf 50)

One day Edmond and I dream of sharing all our animal friends with the world. We want to educate people all about our amazing planet and how we can protect it for generations to come! Now let’s party!!!

Who brought the hay cake and grass ice cream?

ee hats

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