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It’s Habitat Week here at Headquarters. We meet so many amazing animals and we talk about their habitats, but never in detail. So we thought it was high time that we learn more about these amazing habitats that make up our planet. First up, tropical rainforests!

e & e rainforest

Fun Rainforests Facts:

  •        Tropical Rainforests are found near the equator in South America, Africa and parts of Asia.
  •        Tropical rainforests are warm and humid all year round.
  •         Tropical rainforests have four layers, the emergent (top), the canopy (just below the emergent layer), the understory and the forest floor.
  •         The emergent layer trees grow tall to compete for sunlight.
  •        The canopy houses most of the animal life in the tropical rainforest.
  •         The forest floor is full of decomposing plant material. Not much grows in this part of the rainforest due to lack of sunlight.


  •         Rainforest cover about 2-6% of the earth’s surface, but are home to numerous species (many of which have not even been discovered)
  •         Tropical rainforests are home to nearly 50 % of all animal and plant species on earth.
  •         Tropical rainforests have helped people, not only do all those plants help produce oxygen for everyone to breath, but many medicines have been derived from plants only found in the rainforests.
  •         The largest tropical rainforest is the Amazon rainforest in Brazil.



Animals you can find in the Amazonian Rainforest:

  •         Jaguars
  •         Ants
  •         Howler Monkeys
  •         Sloths
  •         Tapirs (Check out Ellie’s Coloring Sheet Below)
  •         Forest Eagles
  •         Poison Dart Frogs
  •         Bats
  •         Toucans
  •         Macaws
  •         Capybara
  •         Caiman
  •         Emerald Tree Boas


jaguars   capybara


toucan      howler monkey

The rainforest is an amazing place. It is so full of life and wonderful things to discover. We can’t even begin to pick our favorite thing about this special habitat. What do you love about rainforests? Check out The Rainforest Foundation for ways to help protect rainforests and their inhabitants around the world.




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We’re off to the country of India to meet our last amazing animal mom! It is Feathery Friday, so that means this mom is a bird! These unusual and beautiful birds work hard with their males to make sure chicks are safe and sound. We’re going into the rainforest, so grab your bug repellant and let’s meet this mom!


   Range/Habitat: Southeast Asia/ rainforest

   Diet: Omnivore: figs, reptiles, frogs

   Length/Weight: up to 5 ft/ up to 6 ½ lbs

   Conservation Status: Lower risk





Fun Facts:

  • Great Indian Hornbills live in the canopy of the rainforest.
  • They are large birds with magnificent bills and casks on top of the bills.
  • Great Indian Hornbills build nests in the hollow of a tree.
  • They seal off the opening of the nest with mud, except for a small hole.
  • Great Indian Hornbill males feed the female through the small hole.
  • She stays in the enclosed nest until the chick hatches, for about 3 months.
  • Once the chick hatches, mom breaks out and then reseals the opening for another month, feeding the chick through a small hole.


We met some amazing moms this week and now we have a bird that seals itself into a tree to incubate its egg! That is crazy! Thank goodness there is a male around to feed her nibbles while she hangs out! Way to go Great Indian Hornbills!

We hope you enjoyed our moms week and that you are able to give your mom a big hug for all that she does for you!

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