We’re back to our regularly scheduled program this morning and it’s time to meet a flying mammal from the deserts of Northern Africa! That’s right folks, we’re talking bats today and have we found a tough little one for you today! Grab your night vision goggles and let’s head out to the desert on the Mammal Monday!


   Range/Habitat: North Africa-Western Asia/deserts

   Diet: Carnivore: insects, scorpions

   Length/Weight: 2 ½-2 ¾”/ 1 oz

   Conservation Status: least concern




Fun Facts:

  • Desert Long Eared Bats are one of the few desert dwelling bat species on earth.
  • Desert long eared bats roost in groups in caves and buildings.
  • Their ears are around 1 ½” long and sit horizontally on their foreheads.
  • They are known to go into a hibernation like state during very dry periods or droughts.
  • Desert long eared bats often hunt in pairs.
  • Their main prey item are scorpions! They even eat very toxic scorpions, including their poison glands.
  • When Desert long eared bats attack a scorpion they often get stung on the face without harm, because they are immune to the venom.


WOW! Can you imagine eating a scorpion? We would definitely like to avoid having them on our menus, but these awesome bats don’t only eat them but they are immune to their venom! Animal’s adaptations just never cease to amaze us!



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6 thoughts on “MAMMAL MONDAY # 27

  1. Amazing!

  2. Aren’t they tiny… and their ears are almost as long as their body…. wow
    I hadn’t seen this one before; so it is very much a treat.. Thank You.. 😉

  3. Sean

    Wow, what a great photo!!! Neat info, too! You guys always do such a great job on your blog 🙂

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