We haven’t featured an owl in a while, so we traveled to the grasslands of Africa to find a very cute and little owl with exceptional talons! Get your sunscreen because this little owl hunts during the day!


   Range/Habitat: Africa-South of the Sahara/ grasslands, woodlands

   Diet: Carnivore: mice, bats, insects

   Length/Weight: 6 ½-8”/ 1 ¾- 5 oz

   Conservation Status: Common




Fun Facts:

  • Pearl Spotted Owls are one of the smallest owls in Southern Africa.
  • They are mostly diurnal (active during the day).
  • Pearl spotted owls have two false eye marks on the back of their heads. These markings confuse and deter predators.
  • They have very strong talons that enable them to catch prey that is larger than them.
  • Both female and male Pearl spotted owls incubate the eggs and take care of the chicks.
  • Check out their call!


These little owls are super neat! And you thought all owls were nocturnal didn’t you? Our bird friends just never cease to amaze us with their diversity!

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2 thoughts on “FEATHERY FRIDAY # 35

  1. It always amazes me how a species can be so alike and yet so different in different parts of the world. How can people see this and not believe in evolution?

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