We’re hoping in the Ellie and Edmond submarine today to meet one of the oceans powerful predators! We have room for you, so jump in and let’s see where this trip will take us!


   Range/Habitat: Eastern Atlantic Ocean/ deep sea and coast lines

   Diet: Carnivore: fish, mollusks, crabs

   Length/Weight: up to 4 ft/ up to 70 lbs

   Conservation Status: Common




Fun Facts:

  • Crevalle jacks have large blunt heads and a black spot on their gill covering.
  • They are the largest of all jacks.
  • They have deep forked tails.
  • Crevalle jacks often cruise in schools or pairs.
  • They are powerful and fast predators.
  • Juvenile Crevalle jacks are often found in brackish (part fresh-part salt water) habitats.


These great fish sure are fantastic! They are just another important part of the vast ecosystem of the world’s oceans! We always have to remember that each creature great and small has its place!





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