We’re off to Africa today to meet our Super Surprise animal of the day! We’ve found an amazing amphibian friend in the grasslands and ponds! Get ready to watch them move, because they like to walk more than hop! Are you ready to go?


   Range/Habitat: Central-Southeast Africa/ grasslands near ponds

   Diet: Carnivore: spiders, insects

   Length: 1 ¼-2”

   Conservation Status: Common




Fun Facts:

  • Bubbling Kassinas are members of the tree frog family.
  • They are also called the Senegal Running Frog.
  • Bubbling kassinas are great at walking. They do not hop as much as other frogs.
  • They have slender limbs and slightly webbed feet.
  • Their coloration varies from yellow to grey with black and brown blotches.
  • Bubbling kassinas live on the ground.

These great frogs have amazing camouflage! People who live in Africa near these frogs love to hear them at night during the breeding season! We love hanging out at night to listen to frogs “sing” too.


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3 thoughts on “SUPER SURPRISE THURSDAY # 37

  1. daphneshadows

    Their eyes are cool lookin’.

  2. way cool! but I wonder why it’s called “bubbling.”

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