It’s the last day of dad’s week and we sure hope you’ve enjoyed meeting all of our dad friends! Today we’re going back to South America to meet a large and in charge bird dad! So shed your parka from yesterday and put on those khakis, hats and sunscreen and let’s head out to the plains of Argentina!


   Range/Habitat: Eastern South America/ desert-grasslands

   Diet: Omnivore: fruits, seeds, lizards, insects

   Length/Weight: 3-5ft/ 33-60 lbs

   Conservation Status: common

Fun Facts:

  • The Greater Rhea is the largest bird in South America.
  • They are flightless and are related to the Ostrich and Emu.
  • Male Greater rheas attract up to 12 females with a booming call and wing display.
  • Female greater rheas (up to 12 ladies) then lay their eggs in a nest the male has dug out.
  • Male Greater rheas then take sole charge of the eggs.
  • They are highly protective of the nest and eggs and the chicks after they hatch.
  • Male Greater rheas even take care of all the chicks after they hatch!

These big old birdies sure make great dads! We wouldn’t want to mess with these dads while they’re protecting their young! Way to go Rhea dads!


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2 thoughts on “DAD’S WEEK DAY # 5

  1. Syvlia Rzeminski

    YOu are both the geatest. You both educate and entertain. Glad I have both of you in my world.

    • Thank you!! That is so very kind of you! We are so glad you like the blog! Make sure to check us out on FB- we post more photos & stories! We look forward to hearing from you more :)!

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