We’re back to our regular programming today after celebrating some great animal dads last week! Today we’re heading to the rainforests of South America to meet one adorable and wooly monkey! Grab your climbing gear because we’re going up!


   Range/Habitat: Central-South America/ rainforest

   Diet: Omnivore: fruit, seeds, flowers, small animals

   Length/Weight: 20-26”/ 8 ¾-22 lbs

   Conservation Status: vulnerable

Fun Facts:

  • Gray Wooly Monkeys are arboreal (they live in the trees).
  • They have thick, soft and curly fur.
  • Gray wooly monkeys have a prehensile tail (they can hang from it). The tail has a bald spot on near the end for better gripping.
  • They live in large troops with a dominant male and lower females and males.
  • Gray wooly monkeys have stocky bodies with strong shoulders and hips. These adaptations are for a life in the trees.
  • They are known to have a gentle nature.

Gray wooly monkeys sure are cute! Don’t you just want to hug one? We sure do, but we won’t because these monkeys are best left in their rainforest home as wild monkeys! Remember though that their home is disappearing, so it’s important that we all work to make sure it is safe!

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