Whew, it’s hot here in this desert! We hope someone brought some mud for sunscreen! We’re here to find a marvelous lizard who can blow himself up! No, no, the lizard doesn’t actually explode, instead they inflate! Are you ready to meet this new friend?


   Range/Habitat: Southwestern United States-Northern Mexico/desert

   Diet: Herbivore: fruit, leaves, flowers, succulents

   Length: 11-16 ½”

  Conservation Status: common



Fun Facts:

  • Chuckwallas are large, wide and flat bellied lizards.
  • Their name comes from a Native American word!
  • Chuckwallas like hot conditions. They are often seen basking in the sun during the day!
  • When threatened chuckwallas jam themselves in crevices and inflate their lungs and flaps of skin, so that is impossible for a predator to get them out!
  • They have thick long tails.
  • Male chuckwallas are larger and often have black heads.
  • They have a life span of up to 25 years.


Wow, they lizards are not only cool, but they have a cool name! Try saying Chuckwalla three times fast! Chuckwalla, chuckwalla, chuckwalla… We got tongue tied just typing it :)!


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4 thoughts on “REPTILIAN TUESDAY # 38

  1. And he’s got a cool belly to tickle!

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