We’re going diving today to meet one cute and little fish! Look carefully because they may be hard to spot as often it is only their heads that are visible in the sea bed! Do you have your gear? Let’s dive in!


   Range/Habitat: Caribbean-Northern South American oceans/reefs-

coastal waters

   Diet: Carnivore: plankton, small fish

   Length: up to 4”

   Conservation Status: common


Fun Facts:

  • Yellowhead Jawfish have yellow heads and translucent blue bodies.
  • They are very small.
  • Yellowhead jawfish live in sandy ocean bottoms.
  • Yellowhead jawfish build burrows in the sand or coral.
  • They are very territorial.
  • Male yellowhead jawfish incubate the eggs in their mouths. They place the eggs in their burrow when they feed.

Yellowhead jawfish are so funny and cute! It is super cool to meet a fish dad who incubates the eggs! Fish are so amazing and different, from the very small to the very big!

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