We’re jetting to Central Africa today to meet one gorgeous feathery friend. These very social birds can be found in large flocks and are named after a mammal. Grab your binoculars and let’s head out on the savanna!


   Range/Habitat: Central-Eastern Africa/ savannas, grasslands

   Diet: Frugivore: fruits, seeds

   Length/Weight: 12-16”/ 1 5/8- 2 5/8 oz

   Conservation Status: common





Fun Facts:

  • Speckled Mousebirds are considered living fossils and are related to long line of ancient birds.
  • They get the name mousebird from their long tails and furry like feathers.
  • Speckled Mousebirds have a crest of feathers on their head.
  • Speckled Mousebirds are very social and live in family flocks of 4-20 individuals.
  • They sleep in a cluster at night to keep warm.
  • Male and female speckled mousebirds take care of chicks, as do older offspring.
  • They are very flexible and acrobatic and can be seen eating upside down!

Wow, these funny looking birds sure are fun! They are so social! You can see them puff up their feathers and get a little sun bath too to warm themselves during the day! Now that is our kind of bird!





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2 thoughts on “SUPER SURPRISE THURSDAY # 44

  1. Whoa! Love that ‘do!!!

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