We’re celebrating the adorable and furry red panda today with a few fun facts and pictures!

  • Red Pandas are arboreal (they spend most of their lives in the trees).
  • They are nocturnal (active at night).
  • Red Pandas live in high altitude, cold climates in China and Nepal.
  • They are covered in a thick red fur. It even covers the pads of their feet.
  • Red Pandas have a pseudo thumb (fake thumb) on their wrists to help them hold bamboo.
  • They eat bamboo, fruit, nuts and eggs.
  • Red pandas nickname is the Fire Fox!
  • Recent studies show they are not related to bears or racoons! They are a member of their own family! Neat!

Red Pandas are so adorable and they endangered as their habit is disappearing. To find some cool ways to help these cuties, check out the Red Panda Network website!  You can even adopt your own panda! Woohoo!








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  1. These cuties are often overlooked for the larger, black-and-white pandas.

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