We’re taking the E & E submarine out today to find a fish who lives on the bottom of the ocean floor. Get out your best observation eyes because they are masters of camouflage! Are you ready? We have plenty of room!


   Range/Habitat: Eastern North Atlantic- Mediterranean/ oceans-


   Diet: Carnivore: mollusks, worms

   Length/Weight: up to 28”/ up to 66 lbs

  Conservation Status: vulnerable


Fun Facts:

  • Soles have flat bodies.
  • Soles are brown with dark blotches.
  • They burrow in the sandy or muddy ocean floor.
  • Soles have both eyes on the right side of their bodies.
  • They have an excellent sense of smell that helps them locate their prey.

Soles are cousins of flounders, both have those flat bodies. Our favorite part of the Sole is their funny side faces. What’s your favorite part?




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