It’s Feathery Friday and we’re going to Africa to meet an inhabitant of the marshes! These colorful birds love wading through the mud to find a tasty meal. So let’s put on our waders and go meet…


   Range/Habitat: Africa-Southeast Asia-Australia/ wetlands, marshes

   Diet: Omnivore: invertebrates, seeds, grasses

   Length/Weight: 9-11”/ 3 ¼-7 oz

   Conservation Status: common




Fun Facts:

  • Greater Painted-Snipes have white eye patches and colorful tan-cream feathers.
  • They use their long beaks to find prey in the mud.
  • Greater Painted-Snipes have long legs for wading.
  • They are not graceful or good fliers.
  • Greater Painted-Snipes are shy and are often hard to spot.
  • Male Greater Painted-Snipes incubate the eggs and raise the chicks.

These fun little birds are built to live in their marshy habitats. How cool is it that the dads do all the work raising the chicks? Way to go dads!


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