Pack your bags, because we’re going to South America today to find a resident of the rainforest! Keep your binoculars and tree climbing gear ready because this primate lives in the trees. Let’s head out on today’s animal adventure!


   Range/Habitat: Northwest South America/ rainforest

   Diet: Omnivore: fruit, seeds, insects

   Length/Weight: 12-18”/ 2 ¼- 3 ¼ lbs

   Conservation Status: common







Fun Facts:

  • Yellow-handed titi monkeys have stocky bodies covered with thick black fur.
  • They have a white fur collar around their neck and bright yellow hands.
  • Yellow-handed titi monkeys have long bushy tails.
  • They are arboreal.
  • They live in small family groups.
  • Yellow-handed titi monkeys pair bond for life.
  • Male yellow-handed titi monkeys help carry the young.

These fluffy little glove wearing monkeys are so cute! Ok, they don’t really wear gloves, but their little yellow hands are great!

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One thought on “MAMMAL MONDAY # 49

  1. Wow, what cuties. And mate for life huh? Poor things…

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