This Friday is full of feathers as usual and we’re going to meet our bird friend in Europe! These birds are very colorful. Let’s get our binoculars and practice our bird watching skills.



   Range/Habitat: Europe-West Asia-Africa/ woodlands

   Diet: Insectivore: insects, caterpillars

   Length/Weight: 14-15 ½”

   Conservation Status: common






Fun Facts:

  • Greater spotted cuckoos are related to roadrunners.
  • They have a small crest of gray feathers on their head.
  • Greater spotted cuckoos will remove the venomous hairs off caterpillars before they eat them.
  • They lay their eggs in other bird’s nests, like crows, with the crow’s eggs.
  • The crows then raise the Greater Spotted Cuckoo’s chicks.

These interesting birds use a very unusual method of raising their offspring. Instead of raising themselves they have another bird do it for them! Wow! Pretty crazy!



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