Happy International Sloth Day!

YAAAAAWN! Do you know what animal sleeps 20 hours a day and spends most of their lives upside down in a tree? If you guessed sloth you’re right!!!

We’re celebrating these sleepy creatures today with some fun facts and great photos! Are you ready to head to the rainforests of Central and South America to meet these cute and lazy animals?

  • Sloths sleep up to 20 hours a day.
  • Sloths are arboreal (they spend most of their lives in trees).
  • They only poop once a week; and they do that on the ground to keep the scent away from where they live.
  • Sloths have algae that grows on their fur. It helps keep them camouflaged in their habitats.
  • They are related to armadillos and anteaters.
  • There are two species of sloth; the three toed sloth and the two toed sloth.
  • Three toed sloths have two extra vertebrae in their necks that allow them to turn them almost all the way around.
  • Sloths eat fruit and leaves.
  • Sloths are very awkward on land, but are excellent swimmers.
  • The ancient relative of the sloth is The Giant Sloth who was almost as big as an elephant! If you are on twitter, you can talk to Rusty the Giant Sloth from the University of Iowa Natural History Museum (@RustyGiantSloth).







Sloths are listed as vulnerable species, mainly due to habitat loss. There is a wonderful Sloth Sanctuary in Costa Rica that helps protects these wonderful animals. Check them out for more info on how you two can protect our lazy friends too!













                                                                                   Who’s ready for a nap?

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