We’re taking the E & E sub down to the deep depths of the ocean for this Weird Watery Wednesday! We’re on the lookout for a fish with fangs! Don’t worry they don’t bite and suck blood; they use their large teeth for eating prey! Is everyone ready?


   Range/Habitat: Tropical-temperate Ocean waters worldwide

   Diet: Carnivore: fish

   Length: up to 7”

   Conservation Status: common




Fun Facts:

  • Fangtooth fish are also named the orgefish.
  • Fangtooth live in the deep depths of the ocean.
  • They have large heads and small bodies.
  • Fangtooth fish can eat prey that is almost as large as they are.
  • Fangtooth have the largest teeth of any fish in proportion to their body.
  • Their lower teeth fit into specialized pockets in their skulls when their mouths are closed.


Wow! Fangtooth fish are crazy weird looking! The deep, deep ocean is full of alien looking creatures! Would you love to be a deep sea explorer?



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2 thoughts on “WEIRD WATERY WEDNESDAY!!!

  1. Whoa! Now that is pretty scary!

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