Edmond was inspired by his Super Horse super hero costume that he wore this Halloween! He wanted to showcase the super heroes that help out wild animals all around the world! He’ll be flying high and low to find those people who rehabilitate, rehab and rescue wildlife! His first stop will be at a local wildlife rescue, but we want our readers and fans input! If you know a wildlife rehabilitator or a wildlife center; we want their names and contact info! Super Horse’s Wildlife Heroes will be a monthly interview to start with, but we may do more if we meet loads of excellent heroes!

So we need your help! Tell us who you know and how we can contact them! Send Super Horse to your local wildlife rescue! We look forward to this exciting new addition to The Adventures of Ellie and Edmond!

*We wanted to start this announcement with how you can help be an animal hero immediately! Hurricane Sandy damaged several animal shelters and The New York Aquarium. We’re posting how you can donate to them and help ensure that the caregivers and keepers have what they need to keep the animals safe!

First up: Woodbridge Animal Center needs donations, as their center suffered damage. The animals are all safe, but they need supplies and donations.

Next up: Jersey Shore Animal Center was hit hard by the storm too. Again, their animals are safe, but they need supplies and donations.

Last but not least: The New York Aquarium suffered flooding and damage to their life support systems. Keepers have been on grounds since before the storm to ensure that the animals are safe. They may have to move them if they can not secure the systems. These dedicated keepers have been working around the clock to make sure the animals are safe! A BIG SHOUT OUT to those dedicated folks!
We look forward to your suggestions and we hope you can help these animals and people in need :)! We have the greatest readers and fans!

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