We’re going to West Africa today to meet a member of the cattle family who lives in marshes! That’s right everyone, these guys can swim! So let’s grab our wellies and head out into the marshland to meet…


   Range/Habitat: West-Central Africa/ wetlands-swamps

   Diet: Herbivore: aquatic plants

   Length/Weight: 4-5 ½ ft/ 110-280 lbs

   Conservation Status: common






Fun Facts:

  • Sitatungas are also called the Marshbuck.
  • They have hooves that are made for walking on muddy ground.
  • Sitatungas are excellent swimmers.
  • Male Sitatungas have long pointed horns.
  • They are crepuscular (active at dawn and dusk).
  • Female Sitatungas live in small herds.

Sitatungas are really handsome! It is so cool that spend so much of their time in marshes. They have such neat feet that are built for living in a squishy habitat! Would you ever want to live in a marsh?


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