Who’s ready to go to the Mediterranean with us today to meet a handsome and sturdy reptile? We knew you guys would be up for another fantastic adventure, so let’s do this!


   Range/Habitat: Southeast Europe-Mediterranean Islands/ grasslands

   Diet: Omnivore: flowers, fruit, leaves, slugs

   Length: 6-8”

   Conservation Status: near threatened




Fun Facts:

  • Hermann’s Tortoise coloration varies by the area that they live in.
  • They have a domed carapace (top shell).
  • Hermann’s tortoises hide in dense vegetation.
  • The male Hermann’s tortoises are smaller than the females.
  • Hermann’s tortoises hibernate in colder areas of their range.

Hermann’s tortoises are so cute! We are such huge tortoise and turtle fans! They come with their own built in shell! What’s your favorite thing about them?

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2 thoughts on “REPTILIAN TUESDAY # 51

  1. Ooh what a wonderful post! My tortoise is a horsfields tortoise but hermann’s are great as well! They have such beautiful faces and they are really intelligent 🙂

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