We’re off in the E & E sub to meet a small and spotty shark! Are you ready to meet this cartilaginous fish? We have room for everyone! Let’s do this!


   Range/Habitat: Eastern North Pacific/ oceans-near estuaries

   Diet: Carnivore: invertebrates, crabs

   Length/Weight: up to 7 ft/ up to 71 lb

   Conservation Status: common


Fun Facts:

  • Leopard Sharks have spots on their backs and sides.
  • They have long slender bodies and a large dorsal fin.
  • Leopard sharks are harmless to humans.
  • Leopard sharks have short round snouts.
  • They have strong jaws full of flat teeth for crushing prey.


Leopard Sharks certainly earned their name from another famous predator! It sure seems that spots and stripes help you camouflage in with your habitat! What kind of coloration would you want to help you camouflage in with your habitat?



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