We’re off to the forests of Canada today to meet a member of the raptor family! These gorgeous birds can be hard to spot, so you’ll need your best observation skills! Are you ready? Let’s meet…


    Range/Habitat: Northern Hemisphere/ forests-mainly old growth

    Diet: Carnivore: birds, small mammals

    Length/Weight: 19-28”/ 2 ¼-3 ¼ lbs

    Conservation Status: common




Fun Facts:

  • Northern Goshawks are raptors.
  • They have long tails.
  • Northern Goshawks coloration varies by the region that they live in.
  • Female Northern Goshawks are larger than males.
  • They are very territorial.
  • Northern Goshawks are shy and secretive.
  • They can reach high speeds when flying.

Northern Goshawks are very majestic birds. They are often used in falconry too. We love raptors as a group, because they are so awesome!


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