We’re off to Southeast Asia today to meet a monkey who lives amongst people and in the wild! Are you ready to head out and see who we meet today? Let’s do this!


   Range/Habitat: Southeast Asia/ rainforests, urban, coasts

   Diet: Omnivore: fruit, seeds, aquatic animals

   Length/Weight: 14 ½-23”/ 7 ¾- 26 lbs

   Conservation Status: common


Fun Facts:

  • Long tailed Macaques are one of the most common monkeys in Southeast Asia.
  • They live in troops of 5-60 individuals.
  • Long tailed Macaques are also known as the Crab-Eating Macaques.
  • Their tails are as long as their bodies.
  • Long tailed macaques often live in areas that are populated with people.
  • They use tools such as stones to open nuts and oysters.

Long tailed Macaques are so cool. People and monkeys often live together, but the monkeys can be a nuisance. It is important that we remember; feeding wild animals can be bad for them as they learn that humans are not dangerous or that human food is better than their natural diet.

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