We’re going scuba diving today to meet a cartilaginous fish who lives on the bottom of the ocean floor! So grab your fins and wet suit and let’s take a dive to meet…


   Range/Habitat: Eastern Atlantic-Mediterranean oceans

   Diet: Carnivore: shrimp, crustaceans

   Length/Weight: up to 35”/ 4 ½-8 ¾ lb

   Conservation Status: near threatened




Fun Facts:

  • Thornback Rays are dark brown with cream spots.
  • They are also known as Thornback skates.
  • Thornback Rays have spines on their backs and undersides.
  • They live on the ocean floor.
  • Female Thornback rays lay eggs on the ocean floor.


Thornback rays not only have the typical venomous spine but they have those sharp thorns all over their backs. We sure think they are neat, but we’ll look but not touch!




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