Let’s head off to Europe today to meet a little bird who is an expert at camouflage. We’ll need our night vision goggles to catch these night flying birds! Are you ready for a night adventure?


   Range/Habitat: Europe-Asia-Africa/ forests, grasslands

   Diet: Insectivore: flying insects

   Length/Weight: 10-11”/ 1 ¾-3 5/8 oz

   Conservation Status: common



Fun Facts:

  • European Nightjars are nocturnal.
  • They have silent flight.
  • European nightjars have brown molted colored feathers that are perfect for camouflaging in with the ground.
  • They do not build nests, but rest on the ground.
  • Male European nightjars are territorial.
  • European nightjars winter in Africa.

European Nightjars are such gorgeous birds and man you can hardly spot them when they are resting in leaves and twigs! Camouflage is one of favorite defense mechanisms! We may just have to do a post of awesome camouflage photos!





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