We’re on vacation this week, but we’ve left you with a week of our greatest hits and the first stop is the chilly north! Enjoy!

Is it chilly outside or is it just us? We’ve traveled up into the cold arctic to find today’s animal! So put on your coats, gloves, scarves and hats and let’s meet this very furry mammal! Snow shoes ready? Come meet…


   Range/Habitat: Northern Canada-Greenland (Arctic)/tundra

   Diet: Herbivore: grasses

   Length/Weight: 6 ¼-7 ½ ft/450-900lbs

   Conservation Status: common




Fun Facts:

  • Musk Ox get their names from their strong odor.
  • They have double coats to keep them warm in the cold arctic. The outer coat protects them from snow and rain. The soft undercoat provides insulation.
  • Musk Ox look larger than they are, because of their thick fur coats.
  • Both female and male musk ox have large, broad, curved horns.
  • Musk Ox are more closely related to goats and sheep than other oxen.
  • They live in herds that are led by a dominant female.
  • Musk ox form circles around their calves when threatened by predators.

Musk ox are large extra furry mammals! You need all that fur to stay warm in the cold arctic winters! They are not animals you want to challenge either, being charged by a musk ox does not look like fun!

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