We’re going to Egypt today to revisit a reptile with a bad reputation on this day of greatest hits! Grab your gear and let’s head off to North Africa, but remember to keep your distance from this snake!


   Range/Habitat: Northwest Africa and East Africa/ desert and


   Diet:  Carnivore: small mammals, snakes, birds and eggs

   Length: 3 ½-8ft

   Conservation Status: Common

Fun Facts:

  • Egyptian Cobras are highly venomous snakes.
  • They are nocturnal (active at night).
  • They are known to be aggressive and are quick to defend themselves.
  • Egyptian Cobras will “stand up” and spread open their hoods to make themselves look bigger.
  • Egyptian cobras are highly territorial and will often fight each other for territory.
  • Their venom is fatal to humans if not treated.

Egyptian cobras are quite intimating but are awesome! Remember that every animal has a place on this earth and even the ones that seem scary belong in their habitat! Just think, if we didn’t have snakes, we’d have tons and tons of rats and mice! They’re all part of the food web!

Recently an Egyptian Cobra made the news when she escaped from enclosure at the Bronx Zoo. Luckily she was found curled up in a corner of the reptile house!

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