We’re back from vacation and it’s time to head off to the deserts of North Africa to meet a special little member of the feline family! Let’s grab the mud SPF 30 sunscreen & our favorite hats and head out on a new adventure across the sands!

e e desert


sand cat   Range/Habitat: Northern Africa-Western Asia/ desert

   Diet: Carnivore: gerbils, rodents

   Length/Weight: 18-22 ½”/ 3 ½-7 ¾ lb

   Conservation Status: near threatened



Fun Facts:

  • Sand cats are solitary and nocturnal.
  • They have yellow-sandy fur with stripes.
  • Sand cats are the smallest cat species in Arabia.
  • They live in burrows or dens during harsh conditions.
  • Sand cats have fur on the pads of their feet to protect them.
  • Sand cats get their water from the good they eat.

Sand cats are super cute. They have great adaptations for living in the harsh desert habitat! We just love how animals have such different adaptations to survive all over the world.

sand cat2   sand cat3


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