We’re taking the E & E submarine out today to meet one of the oceans’ predators! These cartilaginous fish have mouths full of teeth, so we’ll be on the lookout from the safety of the sub!

e e sharks


lemon shark    Range/Habitat: Eastern Pacific-Western Atlantic/ oceans-near coasts

    Diet: Carnivore: stingrays, fish

    Length/Weight: up to 11 ft/over 400 lbs

    Conservation Status: common



Fun Facts:

  • Lemon sharks are also called Sharptooth sharks.
  • They are yellowish-brown in color.
  • Lemon sharks can go in brackish waters.
  • They have large blunt noses.
  • Lemon sharks have two rows of long, thin triangular shaped teeth to catch prey with; then rows of extra teeth behind those.

Lemon sharks are fierce predators, but they are also amazing animals. Ecosystems are dependent on top predators in the food chain and without them the oceans would be in big trouble. It is important that we respect sharks and help protect them!

lemon sharks2   lemon shark3

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