Are you ready to meet a cute little reptile today? We’re staying on the continent of Africa but heading to the deserts of Northern Africa. So grab your sunglasses and sunscreen and let’s head out on an adventure!

e e desert


elegant sand gecko   Range/Habitat: Northern-Eastern Africa/ desert

   Diet: Insectivore: ants, beetles, moths

   Length: 3 ½-4 ¼”

  Conservation Status: common


Fun Facts:

  • Elegant sand geckos have long limbs and long tails.
  • They are sand colored to help them camouflage in with the desert.
  • Elegant sand geckos live in holes in the sand.
  • They are excellent diggers.
  • Elegant sand geckos have large eyes.
  • They are most active at dusk

Elegant sand geckos are so cute with their big eyes. They are all the better to spot bugs with my dear! Hahahaha!

elegant sand gecko2


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2 thoughts on “REPTILIAN TUESDAY # 55

  1. I wonder what kind of insurance he sells?

  2. Helen

    Great reptlie update thanks! Loved the sand gecko!

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