It’s that special day of the week when we meet a mammal and today’s adventure takes us to a small area in the West of Africa. Get ready to do some monkying around! Let’s do this!

e e savanna


guinea baboon   Range/Habitat: West Africa/ grasslands

   Diet: Omnivore: roots, grubs, eggs

   Length/Weight: 27”/ 39 lb

   Conservation Status: near threatened


Fun Facts:

  • Guinea baboons are the smallest of all baboons.
  • Male guinea baboons have large manes of fur.
  • They live in troops of around 40 individuals.
  • Guinea baboons forage for food on the ground, but sleep in the trees at night.
  • They are also called the savanna baboon.
  • Guinea baboons are highly vocal.

We love baboons and the Guinea baboons are so handsome with their large manes. These highly social and vocal primates are so fun to observe!

guinea baboon2     guinea baboon3


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