We’ll be spending the next two days in Europe bird watching for two birds who are very famous during the holidays! Apparently you are supposed to give these to your true love. We think it would be better to take your true love bird watching with us! Let’s head out!

e e woods


gray partridge   Range/Habitat: Europe-West/Central Asia/ grasslands, farms

   Diet: Omnivore: seeds, insects

   Length/Weight: 12”/11-16 oz

   Conservation Status: common





Fun Facts:

  • Gray Partridges have tawny heads and grayish bodies.
  • They live in small groups of 15-20 individuals. The groups are called coveys.
  • Female Gray Partridges lay around 16-18 eggs in a clutch.
  • They feed off the ground.
  • Gray partridges nest on the ground.

Gray partridges are neat little birds! We are wondering who came up with the line in the song that says a partridge in a pear tree, since these birds tend to live on the ground. Hhhhmmm… maybe they never met a real gray partridge!

 gray partride3gray partride2

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