Our last day of holiday week keeps us in Europe to meet another famous bird from the Twelve Days of Christmas song! These birds come in pairs! So let’s get our binoculars and head out on today’s adventure!

e e woods


turtle dove   Range/Habitat: Europe-Africa/ woodlands, fields

   Diet: Omnivores: seeds, insects

   Length/Weight: 9-11”/ 3-6 oz

   Conservation Status: common



Fun Facts:

  • Turtle doves form pair bonds.
  • They are related to doves and pigeons.
  • Turtle doves migrate. They winter in Africa.
  • Turtle doves have beautiful gray, brown and pinkish colors.
  • They feed on the ground.

Turtle doves are gorgeous little birds. Because they form lifelong pair bonds, they are often a symbol for true love. And we love that about turtle doves!

 turtle dove2turtle dove3

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One thought on “ANIMAL HOLIDAY WEEK DAY # 5

  1. Turtle doves, even their name is lovely. When ever I hear their name or see them I am reminded of the movie “Home Alone” when Kevin gives one of the pair of turtle dove ornaments he has to the homeless lady he meets.

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