We’re so excited for the first Feathery Friday of the year! We’re off to China today to meet one handsome bird! Let’s get out there and go bird watching!

e e grasslands


ring necked pheasant Range/Habitat: North America-Europe-Asia/ grasslands-farmlands

Diet: Omnivore: grains, seeds, insects

Length/Weight: 35”/1 ¾-4 ½ lb

Conservation Status: common




Fun Facts:

  • Male Ring-necked Pheasants have bright green heads and white rings around their necks.
  • Female ring-necked pheasants are drab brown.
  • They have long tails.
  • Ring-necked pheasants tend to stay, feed and nest on the ground.
  • The young fly within two weeks of being born.

Ring-necked pheasants are really neat birds. We love the males’ bright green heads. They must look good to attract the lady birds! Hehehehe!

ring necked pheasant2 ring necked pheasant3

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