It is theme week and this year we’ve decided to focus theme weeks on one group of animals! Because it’s winter our first theme week is focusing on a flightless and well feathered bird that we associate with coooooold habitats.  Ironically, only eight species of penguins live in cold weather habitats. All other species of penguins live in temperate habitats. Our first adventure of penguin week is taking us to islands off of Antarctica! So let’s grab a jacket and head out to meet…

e e arctic


chinstrap penguin   Range/Habitat: Antarctica/ rocky outcrops-oceans

   Diet: Carnivore: krill, shrimp, fish

   Length/Weight: 28-30”/ 6 ½-10 lbs

   Conservation Status: common



Fun Facts:

  • Chinstrap penguins have thing black lines that run ear to ear.
  • They live on islands off the continent of Antarctica.
  • Chinstrap penguins breed in large colonies.
  • They build their nests with stones.
  • Both female and male chinstraps incubate the eggs.

Chinstrap penguins are so cute with their black and white attire and little straps. These little birds are one of our favorites!

chinstrap penguin2   chinstrap penguin3





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