It’s that most wonder day where we meet a reptile and we’re going to Southeast Asia to meet a small and cute lizard! Who’s ready to meet….?

e e grass yard


garden lizard   Range/Habitat: Western-Eastern South Asia/ farmland, urban

   Diet: Omnivore: insects, small animals

   Length: 12-14”

   Conservation Status: common



Fun Facts:

  • Garden lizards have long tails.
  • Garden lizards’ color varies.
  • The males have red throats and mouths during breeding season.
  • Garden lizards are excellent climbers.
  • Garden lizards are ambush predators.

We sure wouldn’t mind having these little Garden lizards in our garden! They really can help keep the insect population in check and that can be good for your plants!


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2 thoughts on “REPTILIAN TUESDAY # 60

  1. Garden lizard! Cute. Yum – Just kidding.

    Love and licks,

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