Let’s hop in the E & E sub and head off to find a fish who is bright red! These funny fish have funny looking faces too! Are you ready for today’s adventure?

e e deep sea


redmullet   Range/Habitat: Atlantic Ocean, Mediterranean & Black Sea/ ocean

   Diet: Carnivore: mollusks, fish, worms

   Length/Weight: up to 16”/up to 2 ¼ lb

   Conservation Status: common



Fun Facts:

  • Red mullet have forked tails.
  • They have two barbels on their chin.
  • They can move the two barbells independently of each other. They use to them to find prey.
  • Red mullets are also called goatfish.
  • They have a downward pointing mouth.


Red mullet are funny looking fish with their barbels. We love that some fish come with their own built in fish poles!


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2 thoughts on “WATERY WEDNESDAY # 60

  1. I know all about cute things. Those red guys are so ugly, they’re cute!

    Love and licks,

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