We’re off to the coasts of Africa to meet a little bird with loooooong legs! These little feathery friends live all around the world, so there’s a chance they may live near you too! Are you ready to meet today’s bird pal?

e & e wetlands


black winged stilt   Range/Habitat: Europe-Asia-Africa/ wetlands, estuaries, coasts

   Diet: Carnivore: insects, mollusks, crustaceans

   Length/Weight: 14-16”/ 5-7 oz

   Conservation Status: common



Fun Facts:

  • Black Winged Stilts have very long legs. They are the longest legs of any bird in relation to their body size.
  • Black winged stilts have long thin bills.
  • Their long legs and bills help them wade for prey in very deep waters.
  • Black winged stilts are often found in large flocks.
  • Male and female black winged stilts build the nest and incubate the eggs.


Well we know where these little birds get their names from; it sure looks like they walk on stilts! Edmond wants to try out walking on stilts. I smell disaster :)!

black winged stilt2   black winged stilt3

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One thought on “FEATHERY FRIDAY # 62

  1. Be careful, Edmond! That bird is an expert!

    Love and licks,

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