We’ve backed our bags and are going to Europe to find a member of the flying mammal club! And since there’s only one member of this club, it’s obvious we are going to meet a bat! Grab those night vision goggles and let’s head off on today’s adventure.

e & e night rainforest


lesser horseshoe bat   Range/Habitat: Europe-North Africa-W. Asia/ scrub-woods

   Diet: Insectivore: insects

   Length/Weight: 1 ½”/ 3/8 oz

   Conservation Status: common


Fun Facts:

  • Lesser Horseshoe bats are one of the smallest bats in the world.
  • They have a horseshoe shaped nose.
  • Lesser horseshoe bats live in colonies.
  • Lesser horseshoe bats are smaller than a human thumb.
  • They hibernate underground in the winter.
  • Lesser horseshoe bats usually fly close to the ground.

These tiny little flying mammals are ugly and cute and the same time. Bats come in all shapes and sizes and they are all beneficial! Bats rock!

lesser horseshoe bat2   lesser horseshoe bat3

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One thought on “MAMMAL MONDAY # 63

  1. Bats a like flying mice, they are cute. Except for the vampire bat. Did you know they are the only bat that can walk on its elbows? Creepy.

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